Poll: For first time, more Americans trust GOP than Dems on jobs

It's a seven point margin right now and could widen if we end up in another recession. National Journal: For the first time since the monthly metric has been recorded by Gallup, Americans gave Republicans a clear edge over Democrats when it comes to who they trust to handle what they consider the nation's most important problem, according to a poll released Friday. Gallup asked respondents what they consider the nation's top problem, then followed up with a question on which of the political parties they trust to better handle it. The problem most cited, not surprisingly, was jobs/unemployment. Respondents favored Republicans over Democrats by a 7-point margin, 44 percent to 37 percent. Nineteen percent of those polled said they had no opinion or saw no difference between the parties. Americans more trusted Democrats in years past when they identified the situation in Iraq as the most important problem. The problem switched to the economy during the recession and more Americans...(Read Full Post)