Obama's Chicago pals get rich off of his fraud-ridden weatherization programs

The rest of America is just beginning to learn how Cook County politics works.  Barack Obama learned his lessons well.  He said as much when he let slip his real views: that politics is about "rewarding friends" and "punishing enemies."   As president, Obama seems to be busy "rewarding" his home town pals at taxpayer expense. The giant slush fund known as the "stimulus" has been a rich source of payoffs that extend far beyond mega donors such as George Kaiser and his Solyndra investment.  The stimulus fund has also been a honey pot to send money to personal pals of Barack and Michelle. One way he has found to funnel money to friends is through the fraud and waste-ridden weatherization program. This was a Van Jones approved program to help employment in minority communities. People would be hired from those communities to weatherize homes in poorer communities. The program has been, surprise, a big loser for taxpayers. But for Obama's pals back in Chicago. Not...(Read Full Post)