Obama's Brain Valerie Jarrett Says Pass Jobs Plan 'Right This Minute'

The President and his trusted "consigliere for life"[i] Valerie Jarrett, are promoting a sequel to the 2009 flop 'Stimulus I.' During an un-presidential temper tantrum last Thursday, Obama demanded another half a trillion dollars in order to finance Stimulus II.  If the Republican controlled Congress goes along with this new ploy they may have what columnist Michelle Crouch calls a "money disorder." "Repeatedly giving money to an adult child who is not learning from his mistakes" is a sure sign congressional representatives have a problem. When will they figure out Jarrett and Obama have been at this for a long time? Appearing on MSNBC'S Rachel Maddow Show, Jarrett stated the President will take his traveling stimulus show on the road. This will be his third major tour in less than 3 years. The president plans to do a full-court press with the American people. So, he'll be in Virginia tomorrow. He'll be in Ohio next week. As he said this evening, he intends to take this...(Read Full Post)