NYT Columnist: Ramp Up Government Spending To Keep Lower Classes From Breeding

For eugenics-minded columnists like Charles Blow of the New York Times, 1.3 million aborted babies a year is not enough. After reading his latest column on a "growing crisis among the nation's children," we can only wonder how much death will truly satisfy the progressives and their ilk. Is the "right" with their "primitive religious concepts" responsible for Roe v. Wade, which opened the floodgates for wholesale slaughter of innocents? Thanks to Blow's lack of journalistic savvy and nuance, we get a chilling look into the diabolical world of atheistic materialism. Even if you follow a primitive religious concept of punishment for sex, as many on the right seem to do, you must at some point acknowledge that it is the child, not the parent, who will be punished most by our current policies that increasingly advocate for "unborn children" but fall silent for those outside the womb. This is not how a rational society operates We have to do a better, more focused job of teaching sex...(Read Full Post)