Loonies protesting on Wall Street compare their demonstration to 'Arab Spring'

New York's finest have their hands full with these crazies, who are apparently running out into the middle of traffic and blocking sidewalks because... Well, that part is not exactly clear. They say they are protesting "inequality" which I guess means they don't like that some people are making more money than they are. Face it guys; living in your mama's basement, stoned out and watching cartoons is not the way to earn a million bucks. Besides, Wall Street is not the place you should be protesting. Try the White House where your former hero is in bed with Wall Street capitalists, Silicon Valley hot shots, and big labor honchos. And they seem to have trouble figuring out that they are in the United States, not some third world autocracy: According to statements on the website, the movement, an offshoot of online magazine AdBusters, is angered by what it calls the principle of "profit over and above all else," which it says has dominated not only America's economic policies, but also...(Read Full Post)