It's semi-official: Christie a definite no for 2012

It's still based on "sources" but the word has been passed by everyone from the governor's brother to people in the governor's office: Christie has decided against running for president in 2012:

Chris Christie says he has finally made a definitive decision, once and for all, not to run for president in 2012, sources close to the New Jersey governor told Fox News on Tuesday.

Despite the intensity that has heightened in recent days as the New Jersey governor prepares to deliver a speech Tuesday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, several people close to the governor insist he has not changed his mind to forego a presidential bid.

Christie is on tour, attending seven fundraisers in three states, which has fueled speculation that he could be preparing for a 2012 bid. And some people near the governor have been trying very hard -- however futilely, it would appear -- to convince him to get in the race, especially after last week's debate GOP showed the field is still open.


But a source close to the governor says the fundraisers have been planned for months and do not indicate a change in his attitude towards a 2012 run. And another source told Fox News that the Kean story is "off-base."

The governor's brother told The Star-Ledger Tuesday that Christie hasn't changed his mind.

"I'm sure that he's not going to run," Todd Christie told the newspaper. "If he's lying to me, I'll be as stunned as I've ever been in my life."

There may have been an opening for Christie but there would have been little time for him to mount an effective challenge. We are less than 4 months from the Iowa Caucuses and Christie would have been starting from a dead stop - no organization, no donor base, no national advisors.

I think the boomlet was more wishful thinking from some establishment types like Bill Kristol who pine for someone who more reflects their worldview. There are a lot of Republicans who wish there was someone else but the GOP better settle down and start from the premise that the field is what it is and isn't going to change.

Sarah Palin? Still a remote possibility but she is barely better organized than Christie. However, she would have the advantage of a huge donor base and activists ready to respond to her call. We may know about her plans sooner rather than later.

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