I knew I had that € 2 Trillion sitting around here somewhere

So now the ante for saving the Euro has risen to € 2 trillion ( $2.72 Trillion). As part of the proposed plan, Greece's debtors, primarily the French and German banks, will take a 50% haircut and be recapitalized. Remember, these are the same banks who benefited from the TARP bailout over here in 2007/2008. So now their reckless gambles will have cost the global economy, which is in the end you, me, Stavros,  Jean Claude, and Anneka over $3.7 Trillion.           Leading Foreign Holders of US Treasury Securities   Dec-10 Nov-10   Economic Area billions of dollars (est.) percent of total foreign holdings billions of dollars (est.) percent of total foreign holdings   Mainland China 1,160.10 26.10% 1,164.10 26.40%   Japan 882.3 19.90% 875.9 19.80%   United Kingdom 272.1 6.10% 242.5 5.50%   Oil exporters1 211.9 4.80% 204.3 4.60%   Brazil 186.1 4.20% 189.8 4.30%   Caribbean Banking...(Read Full Post)