Dems risk government shutdown so they can fund Democratic-linked 'slush fund'

The Senate Democrats are playing a high-risk game at America's expense. They are refusing to vote for a House-passed continuing resolution to assure the government stays operating after October 1st. They will pin the shutdown and financial chaos on the Republicans. But what is their real goal? They want to ensure continued funding for yet another "green program". But this one has had two big beneficiaries that are linked closely to two Democrats people may be familiar with: Al Gore and Joe Biden. Investors Business Daily has part of the story: Senate Democrats voted down the spending bill. But the only reason they could find for doing so is a provision that would cut $1.5 billion from a Department of Energy loan program. But look at who's been getting this federal largesse. According to DOE, almost $1 billion in loans have gone to two companies - Fisker Automotive and Tesla Motors - that specialize in super high-end luxury electric cars. The Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid has a base...(Read Full Post)