CIA, MI-6 had ties to Gaddafi intelligence

One of the little goodies that the west gave Gaddafi after he solemnly promised not to build any more WMD - after getting caught red handed - was cooperation with the CIA and British MI-6 - some of it eye opening.

New York Times:

Although it has been known that Western intelligence services began cooperating with Libya after it abandoned its program to build unconventional weapons in 2004, the files left behind as Tripoli fell to rebels show that the cooperation was much more extensive than generally known with both the C.I.A. and its British equivalent, MI-6.

Some documents indicate that the British agency was even willing to trace phone numbers for the Libyans, and another appears to be a proposed speech written by the Americans for Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi about renouncing unconventional weapons.

The documents were discovered Friday by journalists and Human Rights Watch. There were at least three binders of English-language documents, one marked C.I.A. and the other two marked MI-6, among a larger stash of documents in Arabic.

It was impossible to verify their authenticity, and none of them were written on letterhead. But the binders included some documents that made specific reference to the C.I.A., and their details seem consistent with what is known about the transfer of terrorism suspects abroad for interrogation and with other agency practices.

During this time, Gaddafi still supported Palestinian terrorism against Israel (although not directly), which makes this Realpolitik deal look bad indeed. Renditioning prisoners to Gaddafi's torture chambers stinks too.

All in all, the CIA doesn't come off looking very good in working with such an implacable foe as Gaddafi.

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