At NY Times, why bother with facts when Israel bashing is more fun

In the Washington Post's Sept. 28 edition, Jerusalem correspondent Joel Greenberg, plays it fairly straight for a change in reporting plans in Israel to build 1,100 more housing units in East Jerusalem -- with the customary negative reactions from the Obama administration, the European Union and the Palestinians ("Israel building plan draws fresh rebukes -- Procedural step forward sparks criticism from U.S., others" page A7) Here's how Greenberg's leads off his article:  "Israel advanced plans Tuesday to build 1,100 homes in a Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem...." The same journalistic accolade, however, doesn't apply to the New York Times version, written by Jerusalem correspondent Isabel Kershner, who is more interested in flogging Israel than in reporting actual facts ("Israel Angers Palestinians With Plans For Housing" page A5). Here's how Kershner leads off her article:  "Israel announced plans on Tuesday for 1,100 new housing units in an area of...(Read Full Post)