Ungrateful Republicans eat Obama's food and drink his beer

Apparently Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) didn't get President Barack Obama's (D) February message about toning down the hostility and celebrating diversity, embracing all. Of course that was seven months ago. Now it is back to hostility and my way or no way.

Speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus,
Waters declared

Obama needs to fight harder against the GOP and Tea Party and for Democratic policy priorities.

"He's been very nice about it," Waters said of Obama's budget negotiations with Republicans.

"He's been on the other side of the aisle talking with people. He's invited them up to the White House to have beer. He's invited them to come and watch the Super Bowl games.

"He's done all of that, and when they eat his food and drink his beer and leave, then they go and try to kill him [on Capitol Hill]..."

So "they eat his food and drink his beer" eh? He invited the opposition to watch the Super Bowl with him. Why yes, that explains the Democratic thinking--taxpayers' money belongs to the government to use as it pleases. The normal give and take, compromise, of a democratic government is deemed trying to kill. And with this president...racist.

So what's Waters' solution?

"You've gotta fight - you will not win this battle without fighting," she added.

Gee, can't we all just get along? Apparently not.

Pass this bill--whatever it is--now!!! Or else...!