Another Obama epic fail: Small business initiative never got off the ground

With much ballyhoo, the president toured Ohio last winter touting a new small business and jobs creation program, the "Start up America" initiative. How's that working out, Barry? "Everything is moving too slowly," said Leach, chief executive of Cleveland-based JumpStart, a regional accelerator focused on business development. "We need to make progress." Any policy-making ideas spurred by the initiative, which subsequently visited eight cities to gather ideas from small business owners, are hamstrung by "gridlock" in Congress, said Leach. Meanwhile, the Startup America Partnership, an independent alliance designed to work with government by garnering support from the private sector, has been understaffed and slow to move, only in late August naming its full board, he said. The U.S. Small Business Administration, which runs the Startup America program, defends the progress to date. On September 6, the SBA unveiled a 15-page report ( based on feedback from the...(Read Full Post)