A New York Times editorial that dispenses with reality

The New York Times is right on the mark with an editorial warning that a Palestinian statehood vote at the UN would be a calamity for Mideast peace prospects.  ("Palestinian Statehood" editorial page, Sept. 11).  But the editorial is demonstrably flat wrong in denouncing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the prime obstacle to renewed negotiations.  It makes one wonder how far the Times has parted with reality when  the editorial mindlessly asserts that  "we put the greater onus on Mr. Netanyahu, who has used any excuse to thwart peace efforts" and when the editorial asks Congress to desist from threats to cut off U.S. aid and urges lawmakers instead to "lean on Mr. Netanyahu to return to talks." Nobody needs to lean on the Israeli leader to return to talks.  Netanyahu has for many months urged immediate resumption of direct talks between him and the head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud...(Read Full Post)