What's in a name?

What's in a name? If that name is Barack Hussein Obama, plenty!

Take this, for example.

Last year the Normandy school district, a suburban district in North St. Louis County in Missouri, was on the verge of losing accreditation. According to KMOX radio, the school system failed to meet 6 out of 14 academic standards (9 out of 14 are required to maintain state accreditation.) While the district managed to avoid that downgrade, it has barely done so, and still teeters on the brink of failure.

According to this article:

"Normandy and Jennings school districts -- both provisionally accredited -- also showed mixed results but overall improvement. In Normandy, which took in students this past school year from the now-defunct Wellston district, passing rates rose by 3 percentage points -- yet only a quarter of its students passed the math and English tests this year."

The district just opened Barack Obama Elementary.

One has to wonder; did Barack Obama Elementary cost 14.2 trillion dollars? I suppose the Normandy district is fortunate that S & P isn't handling the school district's rating...

Barack Obama school in Asbury Park, N.J. has been closed by state officials.

(Thanks to Brian Birdnow for the tip.) 

Timothy Birdnow is a St. Louis based writer. His website can be found at www.tbirdnow.mee.nu