Were Lesbians Slighted in Norway Massacre?

Today's Yahoo News line-up led off with a lamentation so wonderfully perverse that it alone could indict us before future generations.  Although the teaser headline used the world "lesbian" to lure the reader, the article in question read more soberly, "Global press largely overlooks heroism of couple in Norway massacre."

It seems that "Hege Dalen and her wife, Toril Hansen" -- why not "Toril Hansen and her wife Hege Dalen"? -- rescued young people who fled into the lake to escape the gunman.  In essence, they did what any decent human being with a boat would have done.

The implication, of the article, though is that the global press ignored the pair's heroics because they were lesbian. Yahoo News seemed to think that in a slaughter in which 77 young people were killed the seeming slight of a lesbian couple was worthy of the world's pity.

Maybe I missed something, but did their sexual orientation have anything to do with their boating skills?  Do we know the orientation of the day's other heroes or villains?  If the killer were gay, would we ever hear about that?  Not likely.

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