Wash. Post slants coverage of new housing for West Bank city of Ariel

In its Aug. 16 edition, the Washington Post features a dispatch by Jerusalem correspondent Joel Greenberg about Israel's decision to proceed with construction of 277 homes in the West Bank town of Ariel ("Israel announces new construction in West Bank" page A7). Here's how Greenberg begins his article: "Israel on Monday announced approval for construction of 277 homes in a large Jewish settlerment deep in the West Bank, the third announcement this month of building on occupied land. "Defense Minister Ehud Barak approved the construction in the settlement town of Ariel...." Right at the top, in his lead, Greenberg injects an anti-Israel poison pill -- that Ariel is located on "occupied" land.  The clear inference is that this land doesn't belong to Israel, that it belongs to someone else  Guess who?  The Palestinians quite clearly. Except that the Palestinians never had sovereign ownership of this land.  The last sovereign to rule over the West Bank --...(Read Full Post)