Warmists crank up propaganda machine as Irene bears down on the east coast

At the moment, it looks like the most catastrophic scenario regarding Irene is no longer in play. The storm is weakening faster than expected and is not going to re-strengthen - hopefully. That forecast is based on tried and true models, and scientific analysis. Then, there are the warmists who are out in full force today, cranking up the propaganda that the Hurricane's strength is the result of global warming: Irene's got a middle name, and it's Global Warming. As she roars up the Eastern Seaboard, everyone is doing what they should-boarding windows, preparing rescue plans, stocking up on batteries. But a lot of people are also wondering: what's a "tropical" storm doing heading for the snow belt? Good question. Did they ask the same question in the 1800's when Nantucket and points farther north were slammed by hurricanes? Did they ask it in 1938 when a similar tracked storm caused extensive damage in the northeast? The fact is, there are a variety of reasons why a storm would move...(Read Full Post)