Texas fears Obama administration will hinder deportation of foreign convicts

Texas wants to save hundreds of millions of dollars by deporting thousands of foreign inmates from its prisons who are up for parole. However, state officials have a major concern - that federal officials won't deport paroled convicts, but will instead set them free. "We're concerned that they're not deported and they're just released to the street," said Parole Board Chairwoman Rissie Owens of Huntsville. "We hear horror stories."   Tensions between Texas and federal officials over immigration issues were highlighted on Thursday in an article by Mike Ward in the Austin-American Statesman. It provided eye-opening insights into the negative impact of foreign criminal elements - most from Mexico - on the state. It also suggested that Texas officials, despite assurances from federal officials, have legitimate doubts that immigration officials can be trusted to deport inmates who, starting on Sept. 1, could be paroled - provided they're subsequently deported to...(Read Full Post)