Palestinian terrorists on deadly rampage, but Wash. Post, NY Times still call them 'militants'

On Aug. 18, a series of coordinated attacks by Palestinian terrorists in southern Israel killed eight people  -- 6 civilians and 2 military personnel.   The terrorists used an array of lethal weapons as they targeted a couple of buses and two civilian cars near the seaside resort of Eilat.  It was the worst terrorist rampage perpetrated against the Jewish state in years. Yet, both the Washington Post and the New York Times, in their Aug. 19 editions, carefully and deliberately erase "terrorism" and "terrorists" from their vocabulary in reporting the previous day's bloody events.  Not once do their correspondents and headline writers use the "T" word.  Yes, when it comes time to quote Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak or to write about the White House response, the "T" word appears  in quotation marks, attributed to someone else, but not assumed by the Washington Post or by the NY Times, which maintain their steadfast...(Read Full Post)