Obama bests Bush in finger pointing: Google

One of the more annoying characteristics of Barack Obama is his habit of blaming others and pointing fingers to shift responsibility for our problems from himself to well...fill in the blank.

I never recalled George Bush pointing fingers that often to deflect attention from himself.

Just for a lark, I googled Barack Obama and "points fingers" and did the same for George Bush.

The tally : 15,800,000 hits for Obama compared to 12,100,000 hits for Bush.

Obama is the winner (or rather loser).

Now , keep in mind that George Bush served two terms as president and also served as the Governor of Texas for years so there was a lot more time for him to have a record of engaging in this type of behavior. Barack Obama was relatively undistinguished as a state senator before becoming a Senator for a brief period of time-and he has only been president for two and one-half years.

So Obama has hopefully only another year and half to build his lead in such a disgraceful category.

Try similar google searches on your own. It can be illuminating.