Now you finally know why VP Biden is a member of the 'cracked head club'

Reader BayouBabe reminded me of a possible explanation why Vice President Joseph Biden (D) called Rep Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) a fellow crackhead. I have to give Biden a pass on this one. He survived two brain aneurysms. After one ruptured, the second was discovered and surgically taken care of before rupture. Although he can't completely identify with Giffords - no one tried violently to murder him - he, like her, certainly had a terrifying brush with death. I, as a member of the cracked head club, appreciate his humor and firmly believe humor is the best medicine.Oh, of course! How could I have forgotten the numerous calls for Biden to reconsider running for the Senate and later for the hopefully never to happen heartbeat away from the presidency; the deep analysis of whether Biden's several brain surgeries would affect his judgment in the nation's second highest and second most demanding office; the detailed medical reports certified by Biden's numerous physicians attesting...(Read Full Post)