Martin Luther King's Dream now includes a free, government supplied cell phone

Subsidizing a land line for poor people is necessary. You can't live in the modern world without a phone, anymore than you can exist without food or water. And if you genuinely can't afford one, the government should at least help pay for it. But there are a lot of us who get along perfectly well in the modern world without a cell phone - me included. I hate the damn things. I hate what they've become. I hate people who are constantly on them while trying to converse with you. I hate texting, sexting, iphones and other manifestations of evil that have interferred with social discourse and destroyed good manners. But Uncle Sam now sees possessing a cell phone as a civil right. Recently, a federal government program called the Universal Service Fund came to the Keystone State and some residents are thrilled because it means they can enjoy 250 minutes a month and a handset for free, just because they don't have the money to pay for it. Through Assurance Wireless and SafeLink from...(Read Full Post)