Laughter is the Best Medicine -- and a Strong Antidote for Liberal Spite

Isn't it time we laughed at the Democrats and the mainstream media?

This week, conservatives were upset when Joe Biden called the tea party "terrorists" following negotiations over the debt ceiling. His words were an echo of comments by Rep. Mike Doyle who earlier fumed that, "This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money."

Not to be left out, Chris Matthews jumped into the fray and labeled tea party activists "baby-killing terrorists," while Al Sharpton attacked the tea party as a "monster" that will "destroy you." And don't forget Nancy Pelosi's snarky remark that John Boehner chose to go to the "dark side."

Perhaps the weirdest comment of all came from Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who called the debt deal "a sugar-coated Satan sandwich," continuing the metaphor that the tea party is downright evil.

The reaction by conservatives and tea partiers was swift and predictable. Michelle Bachmann called on Joe Biden to apologize. Sen. Rand Paul branded Biden's words "insulting." Sarah Palin issued a statement denouncing the comment. "To being called terrorists by the Vice President is quite appalling. It's quite vile," she said.

To all these folks I'd like to say, lighten up! We should be having fun with all of this. This political spectacle is unprecedented in my lifetime. It represents the last hurrah of liberal supremacy - a desperate, childlike ploy to get our goat, make us mad, and turn the tables on us. No doubt the left believes that by hurling insults at us, we will be rendered off-balance, and they will emerge triumphant.

But instead of being outraged or indignant, we should be howling with laughter. When the media asks for a reaction to our being called "terrorists," it should be hard to stifle an outbreak of giggles.

Because it is funny. The left is unhinged and doesn't know it. These people have no sense of proportion or, to borrow a favorite liberal shibboleth, gravitas. They lack all awareness. They are like actors in a bad sitcom, unaware that the script doesn't work and the ratings are in the tank, but who continue to recite their lines as pompously as ever, as the audience secretly snickers.

Sarah Palin missed an opportunity. She could have poked fun of Joe Biden and all the Democrats by pointing out that babies throw tantrums when they don't get their way, and children resort to name-calling when they lose an argument. She could have teased Nancy Pelosi for her "dark side" comment, asking the former speaker whether she has watched too many Star Wars movies or played too many Star Wars video games. She could have had a field day with the "Satan sandwich" (sugar-coated, no less!). She could have had fun!

By laughing, we show the American public that it's the Democrats who are immature, and the tea partiers who are the "grown-ups in the room."

It's time for tea partiers to remember that humor can be a powerful weapon. Time to start laughing.