Glenn Beck and Larry Derfner Turn the World Upside Down

Yesterday I joined a large crowd at Safra Square, Jerusalem's civic center, for the public viewing of Glen Beck's live broadcast in the nearby Old City of Jerusalem. Although I know very little about either the personal or professional background of Glenn Beck, his recent involvement with Israel has brought him into my orbit.  For the last few months I've heard the various accusations and warnings from all corners of the Jewish world -- for some he's a right-wing extremist and fascist while for others his strong Mormon beliefs arouse suspicion. With these thoughts on my mind I decided, following Dudu Fisher's stirring rendition of Israel's national anthem "Hatikvah," to just sit back and hear the man talk.  As it turns out, I wasn't disappointed. For starters, the claims that the man is an extremist or fascist regarding his views on Israel are absolute nonsense.  It was obvious to anyone who was there yesterday that the man was just speaking the clear, direct and honest...(Read Full Post)