First Anniversary of the Killing of the Deepwater Horizon Macondo Well

August 4, 2011 marks the first anniversary of the completion of an operation that Washington Post blogger Joel Achenbach described in his book, A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea.  On August 3, the 106th day of the crisis, BP performed an "injection test", putting a fluid known as base oil into the well from the top. The pressure increased only slightly, then began to drop-just as the engineers had hoped. BP quickly followed with heavy drilling mud. The pressure continued to drop. At eleven o'clock that night, Macondo was choked with mud. On the night of August 4, BP followed the successful mud shot with a massive dose of cement. Macondo now had a mile of cement in its gullet.  So where do we stand one year after the BP Macondo well died?  Unemployment in the Gulf of Mexico has reached a point where an industry study indicates that increased drilling would add 230,000 jobs.  Michael Bromwich of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement...(Read Full Post)