Education Department indoctrinates kids in global warming myths.

Ideologues in our federal government are pushing falsehoods on children in order to spread the doctrine of the Church of Global Warming. reports that the Department of Education hosted an event in which children were read scientifically baseless claims from books featuring Sponge Bob Square Pants and Dora the Explorer. A character in the Sponge Bob book explains: Ya see, Earth has these gases called greenhouse gases. They're in the atmosphere to keep the temperature of the planet just right. Carbon Dioxide is one of those gases. But when we make more greenhouse gases than the planet needs naturally, like you've been burnin' tires and fuel, it locks the heat in the atmosphere. That makes the planet hotter than it should be. That's global warming. And that's not good. In another book, Dora explains what kids "can do to save the Earth." Among the mind-numbing tips: ·  If you have water left in your drinking glass, you can use it to water your house plants. · ...(Read Full Post)