Disengaged Obama doesn't feel a thing

Although there was deep concern and in some cases panic in Washington, New York and even in Martha's Vineyard, Barack Obama didn't feel a thing.  It wasn't the stock market or the crumbling of the economy that the folks in the Northeast were talking about Tuesday afternoon, this time the populace was shaken by an earthquake.  

The disengaged chief executive seems to be suffering from a neurological disorder.  Mr. Obama's condition appears to have effected his eyesight, hearing and speech as well as his ability to feel the economic shock waves emanating from his own failed policies.

In the past week Maxine Waters told the hard-working taxpaying patriots who make up the Tea Party movement to "go straight to hell."  Barack Obama didn't hear a thing.  5,000 victims of Obamanomics stood in line at a job fair in Atlanta.  Barack Obama didn't see a thing.  Cities and towns across America are being terrorized by waves of racially motivated mob violence.  Barack Obama hasn't said a word.

Rumor has it that Mr. Obama has been fully engaged in making plans for Irene.  Unnamed sources report that Barack is a big fan and hopes to have Irene perform at the White House upon his return to Washington.  Irene Cara has not been reached for comment.

Hat tip:  Jack Rains