Defending themselves with bats

So, how are the Brits defending themselves from the rioting hooligans who are having a wonderful time mindlessly burning buildings, smashing windows, beating people, destroying anything in sight?  Well, when the police aren't allowed to use guns and citizens aren't allowed to own guns this seems to be a reasonable response. 

5000% Increase in the sale of baseball bats on

Yeah, that will work. 

Well bats just might work better than what the Prime Minister and London's chief cop have authorized. 

David Cameron and the head of the Metropolitan Police have taken the unprecedented step of authorising armed officers to use plastic bullets if needed to stop looters and rioters laying waste to Britain's major cities. The Prime Minister and senior officers approved the emergency powers for "as long as they are needed" to get a grip on the lawlessness which has now spread from London to communities across the country.

The Government also discussed introducing CS gas and water cannon to break up disturbances in future - a move which would end a 180-year tradition of "minimum force" public order policing in Britain.

 Are the rioters using "minimum force"?  Are bats "minimum force"?


hat tip:  Instapundit