This nation is incredibly sick in case you were unaware.  The "disease" is capitalism but don't you fret, the economic "doctors" at the helm of our nation have a cure for this "terrible" condition - it's called chemo-economics

Like chemo-therapy, chemo-economics uses poison (massive doses of spending, powerful demagoguery, flooding debt monetization, etc.) in an attempt to keep the "disease" from growing and cure it before the "patient" is killed in the process.  Obviously something that should only be attempted by a professional.

This United States is currently 2 ½ years into it's chemo-economic therapy and its affects are really starting to wear it down in a big way.  My fear is that this "patient" has been so severely weakened by this treatment that it won't be able to survive much more of it.

I'm starting to wonder if we should get a second opinion.  I'm really worried that there may have been a misdiagnosis and that this "disease" is in fact a vital organ.