We have no plan, we aren't working a plan and our plan isn't working.

The heavy responsibility of managing a business strips away all the periphery of politics. 

Either something works or it does not. 

Either you produce and justify your position or you get fired. 

Either your produce goods or services that the public desires and is willing to purchase or you go out of business.

We are a nation without a workable plan and almost three years without a budget.  Basic leadership skills and qualities are absent from our tenants at our rental property at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Almost every economic indicator is souring and the business community and the markets have given a strong vote of no confidence to our lack of planning. 

TV commentator Neil Cavuto had an interview recently with Amilya Antonelli.  Antonelli is a well known speaker, and she runs a small business, and is Chairman and CEO of AMA Productions.  The interview is worth viewing in its entirety and the key moment comes at 2:28, when asked what Mr. Obama should do Antonelli forcefully replies: "apologize!"