And just who are the Morons?

Rick Perry made bad grades at Texas A&M and is therefore a moron according to the media liberals now attacking him. Remember how the Democrats and their yipping media dogs knipped at George Bush's ankles in similar fashion because of his poor grades at Yale? Those attacks came in spite of the fact that in a GPA to GPA comparison, Dubya had a one-point better cumulative score than their vaunted intellectual, Jean Fraud Kerry.

I wrote something back then about the fact that the best evidence that George Bush was a pretty bright fellow came from the fact that after being thoroughly tested and screened by the United States Air Force, he was admitted to a training program reserved for the best and the brightest: pilot training. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars training Dubya to fly it, the Air force then entrusted him with a high performance jet interceptor that cost tens of millions of dollars and let him fly it at very high speeds and in very dangerous conditions. The United States Air Force trusted GWB's intellect, judgment and reflexes enough to allow him to captain several million dollars of taxpayer investment at supersonic speeds.

Even a Democrat-controlled Pentagon is not stupid enough to let a moron do that, thank God. Yet, no lib, no Dem operative, no one on the opposing team ever came forward and attempted to rebut my contention that morons don't get to fly expensive government airplanes. I welcome such a challenge now from anyone on the left..

This week, an image tweeted by David Limbaugh, reminded me that the libs and Dem operatives are repeating their 2004 mistake by misunderestimating another Texas presidential contender. In Perry's case, he flew a big, four-engine, C-130 Hercules, a very fast, very tactically tough, troop transport capable of landing and taking off on short, dirt runways under the worst of weather and combat conditions. Piloting that big, old macho bird, folks, is a very hazardous occupation requiring britches full of cojones and a brain full of quick-decision making capability. I know because it is a plane with which I am intimately familiar, having jumped from 130's many, many times. It was a widely-favored jump platform of the U.S. Army Airborne.

As with fighter pilots, the United States Air Force does not entrust a very, very expensive aircraft and the lives of up to 64 highly-trained paratroopers to a moron. In fact, if anything, the Air Force places more trust in those who fly troops like me into high-risk combat situations, a fact for which I am eternally grateful. So, once again, I am forced to point out to those wussies on the left that morons do not become military pilots. In fact, acceptance into and completion of a military flight training program is de facto proof of higher intelligence and above average decision-making skills, Not only did Rick Perry show the Air Force he had the right stuff, he has continued to demonstrate it throughout his political career with the same kind of smart, calm decision-making that made him the trusted custodian of a plane full of paratroopers.

I get it. Do you suppose any of those morons on the left ever will?

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