WaPo's belated, grudging report on Israel's success against Gaza flotilla

Reading Jerusalem correspondent Joel Greenberg's  article in the Monday, July 4, edition of the Washington Post about Israel's  success in getting Greece to stymie the Gaza flotilla,  I had two  reactions: What took the Post so long? and better late than never. But after reading  Greenberg's entire catch-up article, I also find that it's still incomplete in many important respects. First the timing:  Greek naval commandos took control of one of the flotilla ships, the U.S. Audacity of Hope, on Friday and forced it back to Greece.  It would be normal journalism for  the correspondent of a daily newspaper to report this -- and its many ramifications -- the next day, in the Saturday edition.  It didn't happen.  Well, at least then in the Sunday edition.  That didn't happen either.   Greenberg  skipped two full news cycles before weighing in with a Monday...(Read Full Post)