This CFL bulb almost burned my house down!

This caught on fire in my living room.  Why are these going to be the only light bulbs we can buy after 2012?


I was also using them in my hay barn.  I keep a light  on all the time to keep out the bats, and to provide a little night light for my horses.

After this happened in my living room, I ran to the barn and took out all the CFL bulbs.  I also wrote to the company that manufactured them and got no reply at all. I sent them the above photo also.

I am just reporting this because NO one will listen to me. These bulbs are dangerous, and it is absolutely ridiculous that they are going to be the only bulbs we can buy pretty soon. 

Does our government ever see these comments?  I've seen complaints since they were first made. Is there anyone who will listen before there is a death from a fire that these bulbs can cause?

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