The Democrats' Demagoguery Paints Them Into a Corner

As the supposed debt limit drop-dead date nears, the Democrats scream louder and louder for the Republicans to come to the table to craft a bipartisan bill with the Democrats. They have to have a bipartisan bill. They can't offer one of their own, because they know their numbers don't add up, just as the Republicans know it. The Democrats can't touch ObamaCare, because they fought so hard for it. Remember? People were dying by the second. They had to pass it. To scale it back now would be a disaster for the Democrats. Neither can they now make cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security. Not after so brilliantly painting the Republicans as evil for suggesting it. With those programs off limits, the numbers don't add up. Their other options are to make our military the size of Lichtenstein's, cut the federal government down to nothing, or raise taxes so high that even they would have to concede private enterprise was dead.  It is mathematically impossible to make the numbers...(Read Full Post)