Sen. Mike Lee, another GOP Idealist Against the Ideologues?

When political idealists battle political ideologues, the idealists usually lose. During the Friday, July 1 airing of FOX's Freedom Watch television show, host Judge Andrew Napolitano interviewed Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee concerning the debate in Congress over raising the federal debt limit. Napolitano opposes raising it.  Lee, a frequent guest on his show, and a newly-elected, outspoken conservative, said he's prepared to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for a pledge from Democrat Senators to support a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Lee used the analogy of a person descending from a tall building to argue his case.  To paraphrase: In order to avoid the disaster of jumping off a tall building and suffering the consequences of a sudden impact with the ground, a wise man uses a rope to gradually repel to the ground. Likewise, one more increase in the debt limit will help to slow down federal spending and avoid a sudden fiscal shock to the...(Read Full Post)