Pandora's Box in Norway

If you destroy civilization, the monsters that fly out will surely destroy you.  That is  the lesson of the barbarian who killed almost one hundred innocents in Norway last week.

The Left will manage to blame the usual scapegoats, the way it always does. In fact, it is the Left itself that has opened Pandora's Box by systematically destroying the pillars of Western civilization, even bringing in Muslim terror preachers to speed up the destruction of civilized life. Saul Alinsky dedicated Rules for Radicals to Lucifer. Nothing better captures the destructive mind of the cultural Left, and we can see the results all around us.

Last week the Beast came to bite them back.

In recent years Norway has become famous for two supreme absurdities of Political Correctness: Algore's Nobel Prize for spreading the biggest scientific fraud in history, and Obama's Peace Prize for getting elected President -- in effect, Europe's tribute to the most radical Leftist in American history, merely for running while black.

However, if Herman Cain is elected president next year the Norwegian Peace Prize Committee will sit on its hands, because in Norway the only good black people are Leftist black people. The Left's compassion for victims is only for the ones who vote for them.

The Land of the Fjords has now turned into another paradise of PC perversity. But no PC idiocy can justify the regression to barbarism we saw last week, a crime that was supposedly done in the name of fighting the weird orthodoxies of PC. A crime is a crime is a crime. Terrorism against innocents is a crime. This was mass terrorism as surely as 9/11. It deserves a suitable punishment.

But Norway has no death penalty. Norwegian law can't even keep this murderous thug in jail for more than 21 years.  Since the killer apparently dreams of starting a Knights Templar war against Islam and cultural Marxism, Norway's PC justice system will give him 21 years to write his manifesto while recruiting alienated skinheads for his cause. PC Norway may do itself in before it harms civilization much more.

Cultural Marxism is holding hands with the most malignant elements of radical Islam. What we saw last week was pure barbarism. I don't care how much this  ruthless maniac claims to stand for European civilization, his actions make him a barbarian. 

In the 18th century European civilization invented political liberty, just in time for the American founders to implement it on this continent. Continental Europe itself fell back into anarchy in the French Revolution, followed by Napoleon's imperialism.  Napoleon killed so many Germans and Russians that he ignited a national revenge dynamic between Germany and France, triggering the Franco-Prussian War, World War I, and then the Second World War.  Marxism-Leninism is merely another version of European Imperialism -- grandiose, superiorist, and willing to kill to conquer.

Soviet Imperialism fell apart with Gorbachev, but cultural Marxism has continued to make war on Western Civilization.

Last week the pendulum swung back. The monsters of Europe's past are growling again. The enemies of Europe are not its peaceful critics, but they will be blamed, because the Left always needs scapegoats. That's how Obama operates, and he learned his craft from Saul Alinsky, who learned it from the hard Left going back to Karly Marx.

When we see mob media in this country scapegoating Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Clarence Thomas, and anyone who questions the power of the Left, remember that socialism is a European invention. Marx, Lenin, and Stalin were Euro-socialists. Even Mao Zedong was a European export, once removed.

Millions of ordinary Europeans keep wondering what the hell is wrong with their ruling class, which has insulated itself against voter control. They are locked into power, just like Obama is trying to lock in Leftist power in the United States.

But the answer to Politically Correct barbarism is not more barbarism.

The answer is a return to civilized laws and values.