Obama's 2nd quarter fundraising: 40% from his rich cronies

Of course the president cares about the little guy in America. He tells us so every chance he gets.

He just cares about his rich cronies more:

Twenty-seven fund-raisers collected more than $500,000 each in contributions for President Obama and the Democratic Party in the past three months, helping Mr. Obama collect a record haul of campaign cash as he starts his re-election effort.

The list of Mr. Obama's biggest bundlers, which was posted on the president's campaign Web site on Friday, is filled with celebrities and the well-connected, like Jeffrey Katzenberg, the Hollywood mogul; Andy Spahn, a close friend and consultant to Steven Spielberg, the moviemaker; and Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue.

More than 200 other people scooped up tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars each in contributions for the president. Collectively, they raised at least $35 million for Mr. Obama and the Democratic National Committee, or about 40 percent of the $86 million he reported for the quarter.

Obama is the candidate of the rich. Or at least, those rich people who have learned that supporting the president brings benefits like health care waivers for their companies, exemptions from regulations, and nice little perks like an overnighter at the White House.

Crony capitalism is alive and well in the Obama White House.

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