John McCain Spikes Tea Party, Attacks Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell

Arizona Senator John McCain has dismissed the Tea Party's apparent concerns over Speaker John Boehner's latest debt ceiling proposal by attacking Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell by name during a Senate floor speech today.  McCain spiked the Tea Party by declaring that its brand of politics presumably helped to wrongly nominate (presumably because they lost) Angle and O'Donnell in Republican primaries in Nevada and Delaware, respectively, in 2010.  Both women lost those Senate races by margins that were not close.  Of course, Republicans nominated McCain in the 2008 Presidential race, a race he lost by 53% - 46%.

What makes McCain's Tea Party diss more troubling, especially in the case of Angle, is the fact that he actually campaigned for Angle during her quest to unseat Harry Reid.  Additionally, McCain picked Sarah Palin, now a Tea Party favorite, for his VP choice in '08. 

McCain has continually confused political friends and political enemies throughout his career in Washington.  His statements today belittling the Tea Party prove that he is still the same old John McCain.  Sad.

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