Job Creating Time, Not Twitter Time

While watching the President's Twitter townhall this week, I was struck with the thought of if "tweeting while the jobs disappear" is the new "fiddling while Rome burns". Embracing new technology is great, but the entire event is one more item cementing a legacy of misplaced priorities and seeming detachment from actually working on the issues that concern Americans.

The President couldn't answer at all, let alone in 140 characters or less, questions about how he is going to create jobs or turn this economy around. For anyone looking for any signs of hope, its a twitter stream that should earn a quick "unfollow".

Despite what the President may say or tweet, the actions of his administration betray the true story. From Obamacare to his inconsistent rhetoric, attacks on business and job creators have been unrelenting. But nothing can top the anti-job ferociousness of Obama's Labor Board, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

The latest from the NLRB involves a step in a blatant go around on the failed Employee Free Choice Act by seeking to reduce the amount of time involved in the unionization process. This essentially has the goal of depriving employees of time and information to consider whether or not they want to choose union representation, as well as not giving employers a chance to share any information.

You can easily imagine the scenario this creates. As soon as the employer hears of a possible organizing vote, its being rushed to take place so that employees are making rush decisions and the employer hasn't had any chance to answer questions or provide any guidance or thoughts.

For a struggling and anemic economy, its just another punch to the gut. Unfortunately only so many blows can be taken before you are down for the count.

With the Presidents re-election hopes hinging on factors such as economic growth and the unemployment rate, one has to wonder how long he will continue to let the NLRB trample on job creation and small businesses.

Brett McMahon is a spokesman for the Free Enterprise Alliance's Halt The Assault campaign