Hard Hearts and Honor

Is the Muslim father who killed his six daughters out of "honor" representative of Islam? Does the political ideology of Islam give the dad of the family the right to kill his daughters because they go against custom and have boyfriends? 

FAISALABAD [Pakistan]:  A man gunned down six of his daughters on suspicion that two of them were in relationships with boys in the neighbourhood.

On Tuesday morning, Arif Mubashir called his teenage daughters to his room and shot them while the rest of the family, including their mother, watched. His wife Musarrat called the police after the incident.

Mubashir shot the girls after their brother said two of them were in a relationship. He told police officials that he had killed his daughters because they were both "without honour". The man said his daughters Sameena, 14, and Razia, 16, were in a relationship with college boys from the neighbourhood and the sisters had helped each other. "I should have been told immediately but the girls sided with each other. They were both corrupt," Mubashir told Tandlianwala Police Inspector Javed Sial.

Background information from Islam-Watch:

These barbaric killings occur only to save the honor of the family, and not for any animosity or for wealth or gold. In 100% of cases -- the killers have no animosity, rather they love the girl as their own daughter or sister, but they kill the girl anyway upon their ethical compulsion to save their family honor, or to erase family stigmas.  The victims cry, beg for their life but the family members become merciless (out of their ethical prejudices and also religious burden of fear) and kill the victim.  After killing family members usually mourn and cry for the victim (usually loving daughter or sister) but feel solace that they have done the right thing to save their family honor. [snip]

Honor killing does happen only amongst the Muslims and these honor killings get support and encouragement from the ethical teachings of religion Islam.

Is Mubashir really any different than the Oslo killer Anders Breivik, who methdically huinted down and killed children? While Mubashir claims to murder in the name of "family honor," Brievik murdered in the name of honoring the Aryan race. One Muslim, one rabidly anti-Muslim: both dead wrong.

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