Giuliani says Republicans should stay out of bedrooms

In a recent CNN interview, former New York City mayor and possible presidential aspirant, Rudy Giuliani had these words of wisdom for the Republican Party:

...get the heck out of people's bedrooms and let these things get decided by states....I don't know [why] the heck the Republican Party wants to be getting involved in people's sexual lives and personal lives so much....Stay out of it, and I think we would be a much more successful political party if we stuck to our economic conservative roots.

What planet is Giuliani from?

First, homosexuals have no intention of letting "these things get decided by the states, hence the fevered efforts to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

Second, Republicans in the sex lives, bedrooms, and personal lives of other people? Surely Giuliani jests.

It's not Republicans who are reading picture books to other people's children about Heather's two dads or boys who wear tutus.

And it's not Republicans who want men who wear dresses to use women's bathrooms.

And it's not Republicans who want to teach the nation's adolescents that "Erotic images in art reflect society's views about sexuality and help people understand sexuality."

And it's not Republicans who parade annually through the streets in rainbow-colored panties and gigantic inflated phalluses, proclaiming that the entire nation should affirm their sexual proclivities.

And it's not Republicans who have changed laws to permit genetic males who electively amputate their healthy penises to change their sex designation on government-issued drivers' licenses, which, by the way, represents Democrats inserting/imposing their philosophical assumptions on the entirety of society.

No, it's Democrats who support the use of government schools, legislatures, courts, and the power of the Executive branch to impose on the entire nation their unproven assumptions that homosexuality is analogous to skin color; that volitional homosexual acts are moral acts; that either mothers or fathers are expendable; that elective amputation of healthy anatomical parts is sensible and ethically justifiable; and that gender is a social and psychological construct rather than an objective fact.

It's Democrats who are doing all that and trying to jettison one of the central requirements for government-sanctioned marriage: gender complementarity. Does Giuliani want Republicans to remain silent when polyamorists stake their unholy claims on marriage? And does he want Republicans to remain silent when consenting adult siblings stake their claims on marriage. Surely, he wouldn't want Republicans in their bedrooms.

Democrats are not asking Republicans to stay out of their bedrooms. Democrats are cajoling, nagging, manipulating, and coercing all of society to celebrate what they're doing in theirs. And this celebration will only cost us our parental rights, speech rights, religious freedom, marriage, and the family.

Thanks, Mr. Giuliani, I'll pass on this party.