Excitement accompanies news Thaddeus McCotter will run for president

Not too many people are excited about the news that Thaddeus McCotter revealed this morning on radio station WJR in Detroit he will be filing papers for his candidacy for President.   But I am. Seriously. At least a little.

The GOP needs him on the national stage, making points about the incumbent president and his administration. He will add wit and intelligence to the field.  He is articulate,  pointed, and knows how to use humor, delivered deadpan.  

I am familiar with Rep. McCotter because I listen to him on the Dennis Miller Show, and see him on recordings I do of Greg Gutfeld's Red Eye, the 3AM Fox News program that draws more viewers than a CNN primetime show. Miller and Gutfeld are both sardonic wits with great eyes for talent, and it is no coincidence they both keep having him on.

One of the most powerful weapons we have in the coming campaign is laughter.  McCotter is very skilled at staying within the lines, but also cracking wise now and then. I am not suggesting that he will become a standup comedian of the campaign trail, but rather that every now and then he will come up with a dry gem showing the other side to be ridiculous.

At a minimum, he is going to be fun to watch.

 McCotter's very likely impress people in the next GOP candidate debate, to be broadcast by Fox News on August 11th.

I realize that the odds are heavily against him as presidential nominee, and the most he could realistically hope for would be the VP slot. That might be the perfect slot for him.