Euro-killer ripped off peaceful Euro-critic

Norway's "Knight Templar" killer of almost 100 innocent people is hardly a "Christian," although he is certainly an "extremist." The liberal media are having a field day confusing millions of people about Christianity and mass murder.

Anders Behring Breivik is in fact a mass murdering terrorist. He has major paranoid psychotic symptoms (see below). Psychiatrists have known for centuries that paranoid psychotics can become killers.

Breivik apparently concocted his personal war ideology based on the medieval Knights Templar -- who were disbanded by order of Pope Clement V in 1312. That would be 800 years ago.

In his web manifesto the Euro-killer lifted two sources without crediting their authors:

  • 1. The Unabomber Manifesto, especially on the subject of home-made bombs.
  • 2. A long and scholarly critique of Europe's cultural Marxism by blogger Fjordman. To the best of my knowledge, neither Fjordman nor his fellow-bloggers have ever come close to advocating violence, much less actually doing any. The only thing Fjordman has in common with the Euro-Killer is that they are both Norwegian.

What the media now call Brevik's "1,500 page manifesto" is in fact almost completely plagiarized. Brevik just slapped his own title page on the writings of others.

Plagiarizing Fjordman's scholarly Declaration of European Independence is either a deliberate guilt-by-association smear against Europe's conservative bloggers, or the Euro-killer has adopted a peaceful political article to his own criminal ends.

We will find out very soon if peaceful conservative bloggers in Europe are now going to be the targets of a hysterical smear campaign, or whether some of them will even be arrested.

This is therefore a very serious smear, since the Politically Correct elite in Europe is quite willing to prosecute peaceful dissidents like Geert Wilders, who was just found innocent by a court of law in the Netherlands, on a charge of hate speech. De Wilders is a peaceful, sober, polite, anti-PC politician, a Member of Parliament in the Netherlands -- but you know what can happen to dissenters from the EU Orthodoxy.

Apparently the New York Times believes that Breivik is a Christian -- as if Christians go around committing mass murder against innocent civilians. The NYT seems to confuse Christianity with a very different religion, like the one whose followers passed out candy to celebrate the killing of 3,000 innocent civilians in New York City on September 11, 2011.

The Euro-Killer shows diagnostic features of paranoid psychosis. According to Wikipedia's accurate article on the psychoses,  

"The Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) [68] assesses the level of 18 symptom constructs of psychosis such as hostilitysuspicion,hallucination, and grandiosity." 

Let's see...

  • 1. Hostility.
  • 2. Suspicion.
  • 3. Hallucination (not known yet)
  • 4. Grandiosity --- does re-starting the Knights Templar after 800 years sound like grandiosity to you?

"Delusions of persecution or grandeur" are perhaps the most obvious in this bad guy. 

If the media bothered to hire a psychiatrist or clinical social worker, they would find out the answer in half a minute.

Chances are that they won't bother. They've got their story line,

confusing Christianity with the Knights Templar of the 13th century.

History is not their strong suit.

Chris Matthews (whose first name means "Christ-bearer") will no doubt go on exploiting that kind of ignorance and malice for weeks to come.  He knows better, but he's not going to tell his ignorant TV audience.

This Norwegian horror is therefore a double lesson.

One is a new ideology of murder, concocted by a Norwegian who fits the paranoid schizophrenic profile.

The second lesson is about the behavior of the media.

They are both very bad, but the media are nominally sane.