Contempt for court; Detroit Judge sends rape victim to jail

In a Detroit courtroom 36th District Judge Vanessa Bradley and defense attorney Gabi Silver proved why many victims of sexual assault refuse to testify.  A local woman who had been beaten and repeatedly raped by two men on Strasberg Street in Detroit summoned up the courage to testify against one of her attackers in court.  However as the woman would soon discover her ordeal was far from over.   Fox 2 News reports:   During cross examination, defense attorney Gabi Silver relied on the age-old tactic of blaming the victim and badgering her until she snapped.  The woman who wanted to make sure that at least one of the men who raped her would not be allowed to attack other innocent victims was pushed by Ms. Silver until she reacted by saying "just get to the point bitch."  While it is normal procedure to warn any witness against such outbursts, Judge Vanessa Bradley showed no compassion for the victim as she immediately held her in contempt of...(Read Full Post)