Pinning Breivik on critics of Islamization

All over the world attempts are being made to pin the blame for the mass murders in Norway on critics of Islam and the rapid Islamization of Western countries. These are patent lies, utter and complete nonsense and part of a broader religious and political agenda.

Anders Behring Breivik bears full responsibility for the atrocities in Oslo. Even if he had help in planning and organizing the bombing and shooting in the end he set off the bomb and pulled the trigger. No one forced him to do either and he could have stoped himself. That is the salient point. No one forced him to do either and he could have stopped himself. He made the decision to go ahead, no one else.

Blaming our actions on those who influence us denies our free will and our ability to make independent decisions, which is of course the essence of man, the very definition of what it means to be human. No, critics of Islam and Islamization aren't responsible for Breivik's actions. He is.

Besides, Breivik didn't need critics of Islam and Islamization to conclude that both were causing great harm to Norway and fundamentally changing the nature and character of the country.  All he had to do was look around.  Islam and Islamization have had a very harmful effect on the Norwegian people and their values and institutions.  That is a sentiment which is gaining traction in Norway as Norwegians come to recognize and understand the danger that Islam and Islamization places them in.  Those are hard and cold facts.  They are not rationalizations or justifications for Breivik's acts, because he is a lunatic and there are none, but they do provide a context for what he did.

All he had to do was look around.

Islam's enablers are already trying to take advantage of the situation. They are trying to take away our freedom of speech and freedom of expression by shutting down criticism of Islam and Islamization, ostensibly to prevent other Breiviks from appearing and acting out like he did but really to further their agenda, which is to make Islam and Islamic law supreme in the West. In that sense Breivik's actions must have seemed like a great gift and a great opportunity to them because it gives them a chance to use our revulsion in the heat of the moment to strip away our  right to freely criticise Islam and Islamization, which would of course be a real boon to them as they try and turn Western countries into Islamic states.

We can't let them get away with it. Not if we want to survive as free people in free countries, that is.