A NY Times reporter who gets Israel right (and one who doesn't)

Miracle of miracles!  An article in the New York Times that actually gets Israel right -- without any of the usual pejorative spins and tendentious innuendos about the Jewish state. I am referring to a July 18 report by Dina Kraft about Israel as the world capital of in vitro fertilization (IVF), which accounts for 4 out of every 100 babies born in the state -- four times the U.S. rate ("Where Families Are Prized, Help Is Free -- In Israel, In Vitro Fertilization Is Both Subsidized and Common" page A5"). In a straightforward manner, Kraft writes that, whether they are Jewish or Arab, straight or gay, secular or religious, Israeli women using this procedure are united by a single hope -- that medical science will bring them a baby.  About 28,000 such procedures are performed in Israel every year. So what accounts for Isael outpacing every other country in IVF procedures?  It helps that the state offers the procedures free of charge. But Kraft digs deeper...(Read Full Post)