A Democrat's 'Two Minutes Hate'?

I have often wondered whether Democrats and the media secretly participate in a "Two Minutes' Hate" like that described in Orwell's book 1984.  I can easily imagine how it might go: At 11 AM every day a menacing picture of George Bush's face appears on the screen accompanied by rock music and lyrics intended to whip up the emotions of the participant.  Through the image of Bush's fading and increasingly distorted face the participant sees projections of dirty oil platforms, Big Macs, corporate jets, the Halliburton corporate logo, and evil Tea party activists gleefully gulping down food while stomping on wretched old people forced to eat dog food and sick babies going without health care.  Then, at the point when the participant is no doubt so worked up that he or she is ready to tear up the room, the distorted image of Bush's face changes into the face of Obama.  The tormented emotions of the participant suddenly undergo a much needed release, and with joyous relief the participant chants over and over "OB, OB."   Some of the participants, with tears in their eyes, even embrace the screen displaying Obama's resolute face.  Then, at the end of the session, the participant departs from the screen, grateful for the catharsis of liberal guilt that he has received through the Great Leader's graciousness.

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