NY Times likens violent 'fly-in' agitators to Christian pilgrims in Bethlehem

Pro-Palestinian provocateurs throughout Europe planned a massive ''fly-in'' to Ben-Gurion Airport this week to engage in anti-Israel demonstrations upon arrival at the airport and thence to the West Bank to rally with Palestinian demonstrators. But instead of hundreds of agitators managing to carry out these plans, only a handful made it through Israeli security.  Most were barred from boarding their flights in Europe as a result of a blacklist of suspected rabble-rousers Israel sent to airlines with a request to deny them passage, while others were arrested at Ben-Gurion and now await deportation back to Europe. A few, however, trickled through Israeli security and promptly hooked up with violent Palestinian demonstrators who clashed Saturday with Israeli security forces at two West Bank checkpoints.   According to Israeli media, one of the clashes that involved the hurling of stones at IDF troops included "fly-in"...(Read Full Post)