Why so many presidential mistakes in so little time?

Michael Ledeen asks a question that many of us have wondered about: "What's Up With All the Presidential Gaffes, Anyway?:
He noticed.  Although much of the public hasn't because
to report them all would totally undermine the image of the president to which a surprising number of "reporters" and pundits are wedded:that of an unusually intelligent and well educated man.

But more people have become aware of these presidential gaffes, mistakes, errors because the increasingly ignored so called mainstream media don't dominate and control the news feeds as they once did; bloggers and tweeters and other alternative new news media have noticed the numerous errors and are duly mentioning them.
So what do all these gaffes mean?  Answering his question, Ledeen  believes
A friend said to me earlier today that he was really amazed at the discipline of Obama's team, specifically in the small number of leaks compared with previous administrations-especially W's years.  It's a good point, and that only happens when information flow is severely restricted;  when only a handful of folks know what's happening, chances to leak are reduced.  (On the recent decision on force level reductions in Afghanistan, for example, most of the "inside the Beltway" rumors were dead wrong).

I suspect that drafts of presidential speeches and statements are treated the same way. I think they are only circulated among a very small number of people for comment, and those people are probably very busy, and don't have the time to check things like the precise name and history of a Medal of Honor recipient

So fact checking isn't that important to the Obama administration.  And, despite Obama's claims, the administration isn't very transparent; only "a handful of folks know what's happening."

But what about Obama's major mistake such as pronouncing the Marine Corps (pronounced cor) as corpse?  According to Ledeen

It tells us that the president and his trusted advisers are the products of the atrocious, politically correct educational system that's wrecking the country in so many ways.  And it's very worrisome.  It's part of the Orwellian universe that envelops many of our leaders, a universe in which they feel free to simply invent "facts" so long as they fit the emotional and ideological pattern that really matters to the elite.

But...but...Obama and his best buds now infesting the government attended Harvard and its law school or similar so called elite institutions where they all attained high, higher, highest honors; Obama himself was editor of Law Review.  Ok, ok he didn't write any major articles as law review editor, as customary, but still...

Obama and friends even taught at these elite institutions of higher learning; why Obama himself was a perfessor or something at the University of Chicago's Law School.  Again though he produced no major articles or profound insights as is customary from a university noted for its research.

As Ledeen concludes

The gaffes are important.  They tell us a lot about the nature of our leaders, and it's not good news.  But it is news...even though it's not reported as often as it should be, or with the sort of concern the gaffes deserve.

Well maybe if Obama and Sarah Palin, the latter a graduate of non elite schools,meet up in that elusive 57th state while campaigning she can correctly inform him that there are only 50 states.

But then the media would blame her.