What is Really More Fattening -- Chocolate Milk, or Government Dependence?

The Los Angeles Unified School District Board voted this week to eliminate sugary, flavored milks from its schools' lunchrooms -- largely on the advice of celebrity chef and "Food Revolution" giant turned savior of school lunches, Jamie Oliver -- and, why not?  If Eva Longoria can consult with Barack Obama on immigration reform, why not allow a celebrity chef to dictate school lunch. At first blush, it's tempting to cry "Nanny State" for the put upon children of Los Angeles, forced to forsake one of the last great childhood rights of culinary passage -- popsicles dripping from elbows, and hot chocolate piled high with melting marshmallows can't be far behind.  And what's the harm really in a relatively small dose of chocolate, infused with a healthy dose of vitamin D and Calcium, before afternoon classes in revisionist history, and victimhood?  But in the case of LAUSD, taxpayers may be -- should be -- shouting "ban, baby, ban!" from the tops of the milk coolers. The...(Read Full Post)